Jeff Seid is a huge admirer of Weider exercise routines and follows them religiously. His workout program mostly involves training a single muscle group in each training session. Jeff’s workout plan is never solely focused on bulking but he rather prefers to stay lean, aesthetic, and shredded.

While going through his training program, he sticks to the old school approach of progressive resistance weight training. As he progresses with the sets, he increases the weight and decreases the reps. This helps Seid in maintaining muscle size along with promoting hypertrophy.

Jeff Seid’s workout routine involves using a lot of supersets which provides him with hypertrophy gains on one hand and aids to burn fat on the other hand.

Jeff chooses High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) over cardio. He performs ten minutes of HIIT every other day to burn unnecessary fat. It also helps in keeping his physique lean.

Jeff Seid often switches up his workout routines. He doesn’t stick to a particular exercise routine. There is a reason behind it. Switching up one’s workout routine regularly aids in providing the muscles with the shock that promotes growth. If you keep on following the same workout plan for a long period of time, your body will certainly hit a plateau and you won’t be experiencing the gains that you are striving for. Moreover, switching up your workout schedule regularly helps in letting you know what kind of exercise routine suits your body.

Workout Schedule

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