Jeff Seid’s Body Transformation / Workout Plan

In all honestly food always beats supplements, but still supplements are a must for your diet. When your diet says to eat 5,000-plus calories in one day, you’re going to need your mass gainers. Period.

My favorite supplement is hands down mass gainers. When you go to the store just make sure you don’t buy the mass gainers that are loaded with sugars, look at the nutrient label. Make sure it’s packed with complex carbs and loaded with protein that way you’ll get your results of jacked up muscles and gain little fat.

Pre-Workout supplements aren’t necessary as that cash would be better spent on foods, but if you’re tired and need a kick of energy, Pre-Workout is a must! Just do what works for you.

With Meal 1

  • Animal Pak Multivitamin 1 Pak

With Meal 1 and 7 & Pre/Intra/Post Workout

  • GLUTAMINE 1 tsp

With Meals 2 and 4 & Post Workout

  • MASS GAINER 1 Serving

Pre-workout drink

  • Optimum Nutrition BCAA 5000 Powder1 heaping tbsp w/ 10 oz of water

Post Workout

  • VITAMIN C 2000 mg
  • ZMA 1 serving
  • CASEIN PROTEIN 2 scoops
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