Day 1: Shoulders & Triceps

Guru Mann’s 6 Week To Shredded / Workout Plan

Workouts Tips

NOTE: There is no rest in between the exercises. Take 90sec rest after the giant set and 60sec rest after the super set. For more info. watch “Shoulders & Triceps” video.
How to carry out workout: Perform Giant sets and Supersets, there will be no rest in between the set, do three back to back exercises in giant
set. When I put this (15, 12, 10) I mean that in your first set you should pick a weight in which you fail in the 15 rep range, your second set pick a weight in which you fail in the 12 rep range and your third in the 10 rep range.

Lifting Speed: Lift under control; don’t just throw around the weights. Take one second to lift the weight and one to two seconds to lower it.

Rest in Between Sets: Rest about 60sec to 90sec between each giant set and superset. Rest 2 to 3 minutes
between muscle groups.

Notes: Nothing; and I mean nothing will raise your metabolism more effectively than the challenging workout that
I have laid out above! These face-paced workouts are definitely meant to get you cut up and lean!

Watch Video For Upper Abs Exercises

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