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05 Sep

Craving for the perfect six-pack requires a variety of exercises. Let’s put together a full slate of top-level choices for building your abs.

20 Aug

The back wins shows! The first look at any person and when you see that upper body tapering to a narrow waist and again flaring up into humongous, solid legs with a beautiful sweep in the quadriceps, you know he’s a fitness freak. Catch up with the best exercises for developing your upper back with dapper looks!!

20 Aug

Every single man in this world desires to possess a chiseled cut chest that sets an example of his strength in front of everyone and can be flaunted on a beach vacation. Try these top 10 chest exercises for building muscle, including presses and much more!!

17 Apr

Advanced techniques are specially designed set, rep or exercise schemes, that are used to increase the intensity of your workouts. They can introduce a whole new meaning of the word “intense” in your workout. But, be warned, training systems can be really though! You can expect some really bad DOMS a few days after this kind of workout.

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