Snatch-Grip Behind-The-Neck Overhead Press

Exercise / Shoulders

Snatch-Grip Behind-The-Neck Overhead Press Images

Snatch-Grip Behind-The-Neck Overhead Press Instructions

  1. Load a barbell about chest level in a squat rack making sure the apparatus doesn’t impede your hand placement.
  2. Take a very wide grip on the bar equidistant from the midpoint and place it on your traps as if you were doing a squat.
  3. Step back from the rack using a shoulder-width stance, feet angled slightly outward, with your knees unlocked and torso upright while maintaining a big chest with your shoulders back. Keep your head facing forward throughout. Lift the bar off your traps; this will be your starting position.
  4. Keeping your elbows under the bar, press the bar overhead to full arm extension and lower under control without overextending your shoulders and leaning your head forward just a bit. Repeat for reps.
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