Single-Arm Cable Crossover

Exercise / Chest

Single-Arm Cable Crossover Images

Single-Arm Cable Crossover Instructions

  1. Begin by moving the pulleys to the high position, select the resistance to be used, and take a handle in each hand.
  2. Step forward in front of both pulleys with your arms extended in front of you, bringing your hands together. Your head and chest should be up as you lean forward, while your feet should be staggered. This will be your starting position.
  3. Keeping your left arm in place, allow your right arm to extend out to the side, maintaining a slight bend at the elbow. The right arm should be perpendicular to the body at approximately shoulder level.
  4. Return your arm back to the starting position by pulling your hand back to the midline of the body.
  5. Hold for a second at the starting position and repeat the movement on the opposite side. Continue alternating back and forth for the prescribed number of repetitions.
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