Day 9: Chest & Upper Back

Guru Mann’s 6 Week To Shredded / Workout Plan

Workouts Tips

NOTE: There is no rest in between the exercises. Take 90sec rest after the giant set, extended set and 60sec rest after super set and drop set. For more info. watch “Chest/Upper Back” video.
How to carry out workout: Perform Giant sets and Supersets, there will be no rest in between the set, do three back to back exercises in giant set. When I put this (12, 10, 8) I mean that in your first set you should pick a weight in which you fail in the 12 rep range, your second set pick a weight in which you fail in the 10 rep range and your third in the 8 rep range.
Lifting Speed: Lift under control; don’t just throw around the weights. Take one second to lift the weight and one
to two seconds to lower it.
Rest in Between Sets: Rest about 60sec to 90sec between each giant set and superset. Rest 2 to 3 minutes
between muscle groups.
Notes: Nothing; and I mean nothing will raise your metabolism more effectively than the challenging workout that
I have laid out above! These face-paced workouts are definitely meant to get you cut up and lean!

Watch Video For Lower Abs Exercises

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